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We make beautiful t-shirts that are designed by a talented community of artists who visit our site. You can design for us too - we'll pay you £200 for the privilege of using your design. We only use Fairtrade certified cotton and waterbased inks because we believe that's the way it should be.

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Just enter your email below and we will pop you right on our mailing list. We won't pass on your details to anyone else, ever. We're nice people - honest, our mums said so.

You can win £200 (approx $300) if you design a t shirt we chose to be printed. All you need do is sign up, submit your design and then watch as our community votes on which designs they like best. We'll then print those designs we select based on these votes. You can also submit slogans and concepts too if you're not the designer type which will win £50 (approx $75) if chosen.

Ethical Threads

All selected designs are only printed on Fairtrade certified cotton. We do this as we believe it guarantees that the cost of each garment has been shared appropriately with those who most deserve it.

We believe Fairtrade cotton t-shirts can be as well designed as any shirt you would normally purchase, but that examples of companies who choose to manufacture using such cotton are few and far between. We are seeking to be a voice to change that. If you'd like to know more, check out our about us page

All designs, slogans and concepts © their respective artists. We'll send the boys round if you're naughty.

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